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I'm going to Japan, one of two traveling artists for a student group from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Sharon and I are first going to Hawaii, then meeting the group in Tokyo. Evanier promised to FedEx me an entire issue of Groo to letter, so I'll have something to do in Honolulu.

Bernard Chang is the other artist, and we will be teaching classes in the morning, and we can join the group for sightseeing in the afternoons or go off on our own. I am also meeting a journalist and a couple of mangaka there. One of the neat things I was able to get is an invitation to tour Studio Ghibli. I was also able to include the entire group in the invite.

The last time we were in Japan was about 11 years ago as guests to Osamu Tezuka Productions. That was an amazing trip. The photo above is our little group at the Tezuka Museum in Takarazuka, just outside of Kyoto. Left to right are: me, Erik Larson, Sharon, Lynn and Rod Johnston. I will have to write about that trip sometime.

One of the high point of that trip was a "100 Year Celebration" at which a lot of animators and mangaka were present. Astro Boy and Astro Girl were there too.
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