October 15th, 2009

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Back from Baltimore

The Baltimore Comic-con was almost a week ago, but I haven't posted about it because I'm still behind on deadlines. I brought 5 pages to ink in Baltimore, but was only able to finish one. I did write and thumbnail the story for UY 127 on the flight over, and thumbnailed 128 on the way back to LAX. It was a good flight both ways. Len Wein, Rob Leifeld, Marc Silvestri, Mark Waid, and Steve Niles were on the plane with me.

I had a great time at the convention. The entire con is all about comic books and comic art. It was well organized, and guests were treated very well. I was in a corner booth next to Evan Dorkin. I have been a fan of his for years, but we had never met. I wish we had more time to talk, though, but we were both really busy throughout the con. Other creators attending included George Perez (with whom I sat at the Harvey Awards), Michael Golden, Erik Larson, Walt Simonson, Matt Wagner, Don Rosa, David Petersen, Steve Leiber, Frank Cho, and Neil Adams. I also got to meet Bernard Chang, with whom I am going to Japan next month.

One Usagi fan brought his entire collection of Usagi comics--from Fantagraphics, Mirage, and Dark Horse--about 180 comics. I asked him to leave them and I would sign them all at my leisure, if he would make a donation to either the Heroes Initiative or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Like most people, I like getting stuff. I know there is an entire community of Lego customizers who make new characters out of Lego. I have an Usagi Lego myself. I had never heard of Mr Potato Head customizers, though. Until now. An Usagi reader gave me one of my tokage lizards made from a Mr Potato Head. He is also working on an Usagi Potato Head.

I usually don't do color pieces at shows, but this time I did two. I did a live art drawing for their charity auction on Saturday, using a sharpie and acrylic washes. I did a large crayon drawing for the daughter of one of the volunteers on Sunday.

If you are looking for a comic-centric convention, Baltimore is for you. It is a fun, well-run show, with an impressive guest list. The Baltimore Marathon was held on Saturday, but never interfered with the convention, except when I had to cross the street between runners. The con attendees are great. And generous. There may be one or two people at each convention I attend that insists, "Keep the change." There were at least 10 at Baltimore telling me to keep anywhere from a dollar to five dollars. Wow!

I also did a presentation on Sunday: