usagiguy (usagiguy) wrote,

Usagi drawings

I've gotten a fair number of Usagi drawings over the last couple of decades from friends and fellow cartoonists. I posted a couple of them last month, and I think I'll turn this into a semi-regular feature. Here are a couple of old drawings by two very good friends--Peter Laird of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sergio Aragones of Mad, Groo, and (currently) The Spirit.

Click on the drawings to see a larger image.

Peter did this at the 1985 San Diego Comic-con, when it was still at the old downtown Convention Center. Both the Turtles and Usagi had been around for only a few months. I believe we were all at the San Diego Hotel. It was THE hotel to stay at, right across the street from the tattoo parlors and bail bondsmen. This was the first time I had met Peter and Kevin, though we had exchanged letters and admired each others' work.

Sergio is one of my oldest and dearest friends, ever since I found his name listed in the phone book. Don't bother looking though. He pulled his name from the listing soon after we met. I have a bunch of his drawings, and he has a lot of mine. He did this one in 1999.
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